Springfield School Board Looks To Adopt Math Curriculum Still Aligned to Common Core

Springfield School Board Looks To Adopt Math Curriculum Still Aligned to Common Core

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The old adage “If it walks like a duck…” comes to mind when you look at what the Springfield Public School Board is deciding to adopt for their “new’ math curriculum. They will tell you they aren’t using Common Core standards but…

On February 5th the Board had on their agenda consideration for spending half a million dollars for LearnZillion and Open Up Resources (OUR). Both vendors are associated with Illustrative Math (IM) which is, according to their website, “dedicated to helping develop, teach and implement the Common Core Standards for mathematics.”

How did they get here?

In 2015 the district, via their IGNite Initiative, provided almost 25,000 mobile devices to teachers and students, devices loaded with iReady software which includes formative (think shorter and more frequent) assessments designed to let the teachers know if students are ready for the big year-end assessments. The iReady Standards Mastery software is described as, “Built to cover Common Core standards for Reading, Language, and Mathematics, the new assessments complement the rich data offered by i-Ready Diagnostic by providing detailed information on individual standards as they are covered in the classroom [emphasis added].

“Schools and districts will get Just- in-time information on student’s mastery of the [CCSS] standards . . ..

iReady was mentioned several times at the February 5th meeting by district leadership, as the district has already sunk substantial financial resources into providing the devices and associated iReady software. They aren’t getting rid of that any time soon. So what to do when they come to the part of their curriculum review cycle when they evaluate whether to get new curriculum or continue with what they have in light of these financial investments aligned to Common Core? Clearly the answer is adopt something not named Common Core, but which really is Common Core[…]

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