Film Producer Suspects Harris & Booker Were Involved in Smollett Setup

Film Producer Suspects Harris & Booker Were Involved in Smollett Setup

Jussie Smollett appears to have set up a self-hate-attack to smear Trump supporters. Far worse, he is trying to pin it on two brothers, Ola and Abel Osundairo. He is willing to send them through a torturous trial and possibly to prison.

The media has also been complicit and dishonest.

Film producer Tariq Nasheed adds a new twist. he thinks Kamala Harris and Cory Booker were somehow involved.

Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker did jump on the hoax first, claiming it’s a “modern-day lynching,” just as they were trying to pass their propaganda bill, The Anti-Lynching Act.

Monica Showalter at American Thinker points to a series of tweets by film producer Tariq Nasheed in which he postulates that the two senators were possibly part of the setup. His tweets are available here.

Nasheed believes it goes beyond the two brothers Ola and Abel and Jussie. As he says in his first two tweets, Harris has campaigned with Jussie. He also says the Lynching Act is a favor to certain groups — white LGBTs — and these two senators are funded by them[…]

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