Consider people like Sen Mark Warner who have to deal with the reality of the Trump-Russian Collusion theory being shattered from the political angle. He’s in leadership and is expected to lie a liar’s mouth daily, cynically saying hundreds of things he knows not to be so, only having to say them anyway, simply because money and power require it.

Not exactly a luminous star in the East, Warner works the business end of the Democrat Left’s corporate enterprise. A factotum, albeit in senior leadership. Many believe he had high-jacked the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was supposed to belong to a Republican. And has held that committee in thrall since they began their official investigation into Russian collusion two years ago.

Politically, this backroom stuff “remains to be saw”– Festus Haggens.

Warner probably gets credit for more gun powder in his pouch than he really possesses.

But as I’ve stated elsewhere, there’s “politics” and “realpolitik” and the “politics” of Russian collusion is beginning to take a back seat in the Great Game for it does not appear to be outcome determinative any more, a myth only.

What Sen Warner and the Democrat’s front office have to deal with now is the loss of perhaps millions of their front lines, their cannon fodder who swallowed that myth.

Part of the management end of the Resistance inside government, people like Warner have to sit down and recalibrate how they can continue to resist with the Collusion arrow effectively removed from their quiver. For one, they still need to keep its echo-effect alive. Arguably, still, for millions it was a straw to hold onto, if only as an illusion. So, just as “Bush lied, people died” still echoes through the rafters when the old crows from Code Pink gather for their annual weenie-roast,  The Left need for it to have enough legs so that twenty years from now true believers who have not abandoned ship can come together and pull out their old Socialist Hymnal and turn to page 373 and join in with a rousing chorus of “Let’s go Get Stoned.“

Because of the shelving of this Russian collusion “history” many true believers, the loyal minions on the street, Mom’s basement bedroom and Twitter, have just had their entire social teat jerked out of the mouths, because this was the Thor’s Hammer of the Resistance[…]

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