New York: Are “Vulnerable” Immigrants more Important to Catholic Charities than Vulnerable Babies?

New York: Are “Vulnerable” Immigrants more Important to Catholic Charities than Vulnerable Babies?

Since New York State’s fascist Governor, Andrew Cuomo, pushed through his abortion bill entitled the Reproductive Health Act which is nothing more than murder and then hid the fact that the bill makes it legal for a woman to abort a newborn baby, we have heard very little from The Dioceses of New York State.

Those who support the slaughter of the unborn and new born have repeatedly accused Republicans of wanting to return women to the days of back alley abortions yet Andrew Cuomo is but one of a growing number of Democratic governors guilty of doing just that.

Cuomo’s bill by its name intended to deceive allows anyone regardless of medical experience and/or a medical license to perform an abortion.  As for the child, the infant would suffer a painful and horrible death yet Democrats and far too many members of the Catholic Church are unwilling to have this discussion.

There is a reason for the silence surrounding this barbaric act, i.e., money aka government funding aka PROFITS.

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals by Ann Corcoran

I guess Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York was too busy cozying up to Governor Andrew Cuomo for money for its Pro Bono legal services in defense of illegal aliens to bother pushing too hard to save late term aborted babies!

From the Albany Times-Union,

New website connects pro-bono lawyers with immigrants in need of help

After relating stories about several illegal aliens (oops! “undocumented”)….

These undocumented immigrants are all in need of pro-bono legal help and their cases are being advertised on a new web portal run by the state’s Liberty Defense Project and Catholic Charities to connect them with volunteer immigration attorneys[…]

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Note: Some of you may recognize Ann Corcoran (twitter handle: @RefugeeWatcherfrom her website, i.e., Refugee Resettlement Watch.  Corcoran has recently created a new website entitled Frauds, Crooks and Criminals.  Please check it out, subscribe and follow.  FYI, RRW is still available online for your reference.


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