Bill O’Reilly: Trump is Positioning to Declare a State of Emergency

Bill O’Reilly: Trump is Positioning to Declare a State of Emergency


Regardless of the propaganda spread for two years by Progressives, correction REGRESSIVES, their comrades in the Deep State media complex, anti-Trumpers on the left and fellow NeverTrumpers who were never conservatives to begin with, President Donald J. Trump reached the American people during Tuesday night’s State of the Union.

As polls the following day showed, they listened, they heard and they like what they heard which let’s face it is a thorn in the sides of Trump’s detractors.  On top of it all, it is obvious that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of their lying klansmen overplayed their hands.


Published on Feb 6, 2019 on YouTube by Newsmax TV

Bill O’Reilly gives his take aways from the State of the Union and says that Trump is positioning himself to declare a state of emergency over the illegal immigration battle.


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