WashPo Spends $5.2M On Super Bowl Ad Lecturing Americans On The Importance Of Journos

WashPo Spends $5.2M On Super Bowl Ad Lecturing Americans On The Importance Of Journos

The Washington Post $5.2 million on a SuperBowl Ad, which pretty amounts to #1, a waste of money and #2, fake news.  Their intent was to lecture Americans in an effort to convince us that they matter and what they say should be believed in that way that Mika Brezinzski once moaned that, “It’s our job to control exactly what people think.”

Mika Brzezinski Our Job Is to Control Exactly What People Think

The endgame to Mika’s statement and the Washington Post’s SuperBowl ad, one huge failure that confirmed that which we have known all along, i.e., that the deep state media complex is the enemy of the people.

Information Liberation by Chris Menahan

The Washington Post dropped some $5.2 million on a melodramatic Super Bowl ad on Sunday praising journos as heroes sacrificing their lives on battlefields so that we may be informed.

The Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos — who was the world’s richest man before his divorce — attempted to associate their trash journos with WW2 vets, firefighters and the rocket scientists who got us to the moon in a 30 second propaganda piece narrated by Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

The ad says:
When we go off to war.
When we exercise our rights.
When we soar to our greatest heights.
When we mourn and pray.
When our neighbors are at risk.
When our nation is threatened.
There’s someone to gather the facts.
To bring you the story.
No matter the cost.
Because knowing empowers us.
Knowing helps us decide.
Knowing keeps us free.
Here’s what the journos at the Washington Post actually do:

The Washington Post is a deep state propaganda machine at war with anyone who stands in opposition to the D. C. swamp and its New World Order masters.

The $5.2 Million spent could have been better spent re-educating WashPo’s elitist squad of social justice propagandists because journalists, they are not.  Moreover, they’re elitist tone at lecturing viewers while pretending to be as honorable as the men and women who put their lives on the line and sacrifice for our nation while fooling no one, outraged many.

In reality, they’re not war heroes risking their lives to “bring us the story” but in fact America-hating propagandists who smear young kids for the crime of smiling while being white and Catholic.

Not surprisingly, the reactions were quite negative.


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WashPo’s lunacy was not lost on its union leader, union leader Fredrick Kunkle who lambasted the propaganda machine.

As of this morning, the outrage continues.


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