Left-Leaning ‘Education Non-Profits’ Step Up Attacks On #SchoolChoice Kids, Families

Left-Leaning ‘Education Non-Profits’ Step Up Attacks On #SchoolChoice Kids, Families

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Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon

Left-leaning groups like the NC Public Schools Forum and very left of center groups like Public Schools First NC have stepped up their attacks on school choice students and families.

These type of groups can’t see the forest for the trees. They don’t want to. More importantly, they don’t want anyone else to either.

These two groups are the same ones who have some after school choice children and their families over and over in the last five years. Public Schools First NC came after vouchers for low-income children and NC Forum’s leader compared a charter school bill to HB2.

Last month the NCAE (the NEA’s affiliate in NC) and the “NC Council Churches” held an education summit where they trashed school choice… during school choice week. Apparently, Governor Roy Cooper sent his “teacher adviser” to it.

Dr. Stoops’ article does a wonderful job of nailing down why groups like Public Schools First NC, Red4Ed, the NCAE, and NC Public Schools Forum hate families choosing what is best for their children – it represents competition.  Not competition to in the best education for children, the competition for dollars. Each child represents money to a district. Despite decades of increased spending in public education, the outcomes have been the same and are declining[…]

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