Flashback: Former Secretary of Interior Salazar ‘Not even Harry Potter can bring down gas prices’

Flashback: Former Secretary of Interior Salazar ‘Not even Harry Potter can bring down gas prices’

Editor’s Note: Originally published Saturday, February 1, 2019

Let’s take a look at Obama’s former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar for today’s Saturday flashback. With this weeks doom and gloom of historic portions, it’s enough for many of us to want to turn in our chips on the whole thing. But wait. America is humming. The wheels are turning once again. America should be singing after eight long miserable years of Obama. So let’s return to the chilling days of yesteryear. But first the great news:

The only one trumping Trump’s Trumpet on the wonderful economy is Trump.

“We added 304,000 jobs, which was a shocker to a lot of people. It wasn’t a shocker to me.” So says the man. 

Despite a recent shaky period for the government and the stock market, American workers are finally enjoying economic conditions that favor them over their employers. … On Friday morning, Donald Trump tweeted, JOBSJOBSJOBS,” and who could blame him?

Department reported that payrolls had increased by three hundred and four thousand in January, which was about a hundred and thirty thousand more jobs than economists on Wall Street had been predicting.

The job gains were widely spread across the economy, with the construction, health-care, retail, and leisure-and-hospitality sectors showing particular strength. The report also showed that wages are still rising at an annual rate of more than three per cent, while consumer price inflation is falling, because of cheaper energy prices. That means that inflation-adjusted wages are rising, as well, which is key. Keep reading

How easy we forget the old miserable days of Obama. Can’t anyone out there on the GOP side give the man some credit? Forget the Democrats[…]

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