Maxine Says Dems Await “Our Special Counsel” to Give OK to Impeach

Maxine Says Dems Await “Our Special Counsel” to Give OK to Impeach


Maxine Waters told John Harwood at CNBC Friday that Democrats are being “very cautious” and are waiting for permission from “our special counsel” to impeach Trump.

That cinches it! Democrats see Mueller as theirs, paving the way to impeachment since these control freaks don’t respect the voters’ choice.

Harwood asked Waters on his podcast, “Speakeasy,” whether she thought House Democrats would impeach the president even if Senate Republicans wouldn’t join them.

She wasn’t making any predictions, but she is anxiously waiting for Mueller’s report which she obviously expects will damn the President.

“Democrats have been very cautious. Everybody’s waiting on our special counsel, Mr. Mueller, to give them permission to go for it,” Waters continued. “I’m not waiting [sic] permission to say what I really feel and what I understand about this president and how he has defined himself right before our very eyes”[…]

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