Why is Google Tracking Students’ Location, Voice Activity, Web & App Activity, Device Info, YouTubes Searched and Watched?

Why is Google Tracking Students’ Location, Voice Activity, Web & App Activity, Device Info, YouTubes Searched and Watched?

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Here’s how to check your student’s school issued GSuite account.

Missouri Education Watchdog by Cheri Kiesecker

Google defends Gmail data sharing, gives few details on violations-Reuters

With mounting concerns about school safety, screen addiction,  screen time’s known health and brain effects, increase in internet crimes against children, along with hyper focused national attention on data misuselocation trackingbreachesgmail data sharing, and data privacy–what about school children?

As this Google Transparency Project explains, Google is promoting itself  via GSuite products and Apps into many classrooms across America (and the globe).  What is Google doing with student data?  Why is Google allowed to track Location, Voice Activity, Web & App Activity, Device Information, YouTube videos Searched and Watched of K-12 school children? How are these data being used and shared?

What data are being collected and stored (and shared?) via your child’s school issued Google GSuite account? We’ll show you how to start checking.

In August of 2018 Missouri Education Watchdog wrote this article detailing how one Springfield, Missouri family discovered that their school district’s Google’s GSuite platform was collecting and storing surprising amounts of personal data about students and, apparently even storing information from parents’ and family members’ personal accounts (family members’ passwords to banking, work, shopping, bills).  Others reported on this issue here and here.

Missouri Education Watchdog recently followed up with a story highlighting a group of parents and educators asking to stop online advertisements to students.  The blog documents many pop ads (some very inappropriate) that students are receiving when logged into their school accounts, including recommendations from YouTube (owned by Google) and Apps available in the Google Play Store[…]

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