The Media’s Intentional “Rush to Judgement”

The Media’s Intentional “Rush to Judgement”

It’s been several days since the Covington Boys met Native American “elder” Nathan Phillips in a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial. The incident has been reported in the media as an “attack” on an elderly man. A Native American, which apparently gives more status to an elderly person in this country, than regular elderly folks. The media’s descriptions of the boys’ conduct has ranged from taunting, smirking, sneering, and even physically assaulting, Mr. Phillips.

The headlines in the print media, internet, and social media went into hyper-drive in their desire to prove, once-in-for-all, how horrible, how racist, how hateful the Right is, and how anyone who supports traditional American values must be destroyed. The March for Life in DC was fertile ground to find these people. These individuals and groups are often aligned with President Trump and his MAGA agenda

In the media’s eyes, that’s the greater sin – the fact that these same people, who oppose abortion, also support President Trump. The mainstream media went right to it – destroy the young people, marginalize them, silence them and control the narrative. One Democrat Congressman, Rep. John Yarmouth, stated that #MAGA hats must be removed from children – what he is really saying is remove MAGA hats from society.

This “Rush to Judgement” – which now all the main media outlets are having to walk back, wasn’t a rush to judgement – this was their auto-pilot lynching of anyone/anything they can use to push their Leftist narrative. Everything the media does is with this goal in mind: to destroy traditional Americans, white or black. Add in the fact that these young people happen (for the most part) to be white and Catholic, now that’s a greater sin in the Lefties’ eyes, and the bigger target. People of faith, especially Judeo-Christians are easy targets.

The malignant media isn’t targeting those boys (yes, in the short-term they are) but in the long-term it’s about getting to the millions of Americans who want to restore and rejuvenate America as she was founded. This is the desire of the MAGA movement, and it is at absolute odds with the Leftist cause.

Any story, incident or event, or individual they can use to promote their leftist worldview, and generate a sense of outrage, will be used. People like those young people, standing for the unborn, and others who simply support President Trump, are all that stands in the way of the final assault and success of their agenda. They’ve been moving this way for 50-60 years, though I have intellectual friends who note how it goes back at least 100 years, to Woodrow Wilson[…]

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