President Comes Up With for 9th Circuit Nominees, Puts Down Rebellion

President Comes Up With for 9th Circuit Nominees, Puts Down Rebellion

By M. Dowling

President Trump quickly responded to an avalanche of concerns that he was working with Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris on judicial appointments. He had withdrawn the names of three conservative judges for the Ninth Circuit and was considering appointing some Progressive judges.

There was a rebellion brewing from conservatives.

He is putting that to rest for now with a new list. He submitted a new list of nominees for the Ninth Circuit and four picks for district judgeships in California. The White House has re-submitted the names of Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee to the Ninth U.S. Circuit of Appeals, the far-left court that oversees the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii.

He submitted a third name for the Ninth Circuit, Daniel A. Bress, a rising star.

The White House did concede one to the Democrats. He demoted Patrick Bumatay from a Ninth Circuit pick to a district court seat instead of the 9th Circuit.

The president also nominated Mark C. Scarsi, Jeremy B. Rosen and Stanley Blumenfeld to judgeships in the Central District of California.


Senators Feinstein and Harris are very disappointed in the Ninth Circuit nominees and that can only be good for the Constitution. They wanted more say and it looked like they were going to get it[…]

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NOTE:  This is in follow up to a previous post from Independent Sentinel, WH Counsel Is CAVING to Feinstein & Harris on 9th Circuit Judges.



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