A license to lie steal and cheat

A license to lie steal and cheat

Michel Savage, a Constitutional Scholar and self anointed Dr. of Democracy sets the record straight  with is usual candor and understanding of the United States Constitution in his discussion with former DOJ attorney Sydney Powell.

Attorney’s and Judges who lie, are easily found, simply take the time to view their written opinions.

It’s clear that in today’s runaway justice system the scales an not blind they are tipped in favor of the highest bidder.



In the ensuing interview she is given the opportunity to write about her most recent book..

Is there anything particularly wrong with that?

Not necessarily particularly if she is telling the truth and there is no logical reason she would be doing so.


Besides, we live in America the land of boundless opportunity, so she stepped up to the plate and took a swing at selling her beliefs.

It’s called the “American Way”


Clearly  a man after my own heart, yet I sensor no viewer comments on this site.



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