Dems Know Mueller Report Will Destroy President Trump, Must See Video

Dems Know Mueller Report Will Destroy President Trump, Must See Video

Mark Levin spoke with Sydney Powell last night on his Fox News show about the Mueller investigation. Former U.S. Attorney Powell wrote a book a while back about some of the key players now leading the Mueller probe into the President. Titled, LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, it doesn’t disappoint.

These attorneys, including Andrew Weissman and Robert Mueller, broke all the rules, hid exculpatory evidence, and sent innocent people to prison. Even when Robert Mueller knew one man was innocent, he wouldn’t let him out of prison. Andrew Weissman was part of these witch hunts into Enron, Arthur Anderson, Merrill Lynch, and others.

Weissman, a partisan leftist and Hillary fan, will likely write the report, according to Powell. She also warned that he is a master manipulator of the media.


At one point during the interview, Powell strongly suggested the report will probably destroy President Trump, and that is the goal. [30:43] Levin also made note of the fact that Democrats probably know it which is why they are waiting on impeachment.

“Mr. Weissman could write a report that would make giving your mother a nice Christmas present sound like a federal criminal offense,” she told Levin[…]

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