Clemson Prof. won’t Comment on Call for Human Extinction to Protect Habitat

Clemson Prof. won’t Comment on Call for Human Extinction to Protect Habitat

“It may well be, then, that the extinction of humanity would make the world better off and yet would be a tragedy. I don’t want to say this for sure, since the issue is quite complex. But it certainly seems a live possibility, and that by itself disturbs me.” ~ Prof. Todd May, Clemson University, Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?, NYT, 12/17/2018.


Last month, Clemson University, Todd May, in an New York Times op-ed philosophically called for the extinction of humans to protect the environment. May believes that humans are mistreating animals, devastating and encroaching upon the ecosystems, yet according to Campus Fix, when called upon to rationalize his thoughts, the social justice professor, in that way that SJWs do, declined.

Todd May

Breitbart News by Tom Ciccotta

Since his article was published in the New York Times, he has refused to defend his opinion.  According to a report from The College Fix, Clemson University Professor Todd May recently called for the end of human existence and has refused to defend his argument. May argued that humans do far more bad than good. What are humanity’s worst crimes according to the professor? These include oppression of animals and destruction of the environment.

The New York Times column, which was titled “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?” was published in late December. In the column, May weighs humanity’s positive contributions to the world against its negative contributions.

First, human contribution to climate change is devastating ecosystems, as the recent article on Yellowstone Park in The Times exemplifies. Second, increasing human population is encroaching on ecosystems that would otherwise be intact. Third, factory farming fosters the creation of millions upon millions of animals for whom it offers nothing but suffering and misery before slaughtering them in often barbaric ways[…]

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