The Deep State-approved Communist media complex, big government comrades and NeverTrumpers are this morning celebrating as they push the storyline that President Donald J. Trump folded under pressure from Nancy Pelosi.  In fact, as noted by S. Noble,

Immediately, Barack Obama’s intel along with the usual suspects began to a false narrative around the President’s announcement of a deal to end the government shutdown.

At the same time, another chapter to the false narrative and Trump-Russia propaganda stream came into play after someone in the Mueller camp (Andrew Weissman, perhaps? See [Sara A. Carter’s Court Docs Allege More Corruption by Mueller’s “Pit Bull” in Manafort Case, 7/9/2018])? leaked news in advance of FBI’s Friday morning raid of Roger Stone’s home. The ruling establishment speaks is as if theirs is the spoken word, except that it is not.

John Brennan, clueless and lying James Clapper even CIA paid operative Jim Acosta are out running a full court press against the President.

Did Pelosi Decapitate Trump?: The Savage Nation Podcast – 1/24/19

Keeping in mind that nothing is ever as it appears, that President Trump cannot do it alone, what are your thoughts?


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