Andrew Breitbart – CPAC2012 Source: Gage Skidmore-Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Missing Andrew Breitbart, I can’t help but wish that he were here to take on the Communist media complex and the ruling class like a bull in a China shop.  A force to be reckoned with and always ten steps ahead.

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In many ways, I took Satchel Paige to heart. I rarely look back short term, for fear they may be gaining on us. But we’ve lost some real heroes along the way.  Andrew Breitbart is one of them. What he would have done to the press in the last couple of years is beyond imagining. For instance.

Andrew Breitbart loathed the mainstream media. If you have any doubt about this fact, watch the following videos. He was disgusted by them and wasn’t shy about saying it.

He called out the liars and frauds to their faces.

He knew, to his core, the mendacity pointed at ideological enemies of Leftist dogma. He ran flank for Tea Party leaders who were being investigated by every government department including the IRS, FBI, EPA, and more. He loved these people who the elites in both parties hated. He defended them.

He protected those who were willing to be apostates to the leftist cause including guys like Brandon Darby who thwarted a Lefty terrorist group who planned a bombing at the Republican National Convention, and Milo Yiannopoulos, a flamboyant anti-feminist gay man.

He promoted the brave and gave them platforms including Dana Loesch, Ben Shapiro, James O’Keefe, and Hannah Giles. He was famous for finding talented and fair-minded people and developing their gifts. [Full disclosure: He promoted my work and helped build my consulting business before I came to The American Spectator.]

Andrew was nothing if not righteously indignant. One of my most prized possessions is the galley copy of Righteous Indignation that he gave me to read before I helped him promote his work. It was my great joy to do so. A naturally talented writer, Andrew’s book is a story worth reading if you haven’t yet[…]

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