Boys in MAGA Hats Were Not ‘Mocking’ a Native-American! Video Proof!

Boys in MAGA Hats Were Not ‘Mocking’ a Native-American! Video Proof!

We already provided information about the MSM’s hysterical reporting of white Catholic school boys mocking an elderly Native-American. The MSM did not investigate and reported dishonestly.

There is much more to the story than what is reported. Nothing is as it seems. The MSM and the leftists involved, which includes the elderly Native-American gentleman, were dishonest. We now have video evidence which tells a very different story.

Matthew Schmitz, senior editor for First Things Mag and columnist for Catholic Herald posted a new video showing the Black Israelites taunting the boys. One of the boys references three more. We’ve included all of them.


The story began when a group of Covington High School boys, who were in D.C. to March for Life the day before, were waiting for the bus at the Lincoln Memorial.

According to one of the Catholic school boys present, they were waiting at 5:30 pm as they were instructed. They are an all-boys school that likes to get hyped up, thus their name, ‘Colonial Crazies.’ To pass the time, they decided to do some cheers.

In the midst of the cheers, the boy reported, a group of adults led by Nathan Phillips beating his drum [Phillips is the elderly Native-American] approached them. They at first thought this was a cultural display since he was beating the drum to their cheers. They were clapping along with him to the beat.

Phillips was beating the drum incessantly in their friends’ face, inches from his nose, and when it went on for several minutes, they became confused. They started to wonder what was happening[…]

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