George Soros has massive wall around his home

George Soros has massive wall around his home

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Calling out those pushing for open borders that will allow the worst from other countries to invade our nation, our schools, our neighborhoods fundamentally transforming our nation into the s***hole from whence the invaders hailed while open border advocates and their families live in a safe environment with plenty of security behind a HUGE wall for protection.

DC’s Benny Johnson outside George Soros’ wall (Hamptons,NY)

Propaganda Guard

One of the world’s most influential advocates for open borders lives behind a large wall.

Noting that opponents of President Trump have insisted building a wall on the southern border is immoral, the Daily Caller has embarked on an investigative series it calls “Walls Across America.”

After traveling to former President Obama’s home in Washington, D.C., it went to the mansion owned by billionaire activist George Soros in the Hamptons, east of New York City.

Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundations, donates billions of dollars to far-left causes, including advocates for global open borders.

“The point of this is not to troll George Soros,” said the Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson in a video, with Soros’ 10-foot wall in the background. “He’s a wealthy man[…]

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Barack Obama, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and their fellow elites are telling we, the people, that a wall and feeling safe in one’s own environment is privilege not a right.  I, like so many other Americans and legal immigrants, would beg to differ.


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