President Trump Addresses the Nation on the Border Crisis

President Trump Addresses the Nation on the Border Crisis

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President Trump addressed the nation this evening about the dire need for a border wall that will quickly pay for itself. He said the wall could be a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall.

The President noted the statistics and talked about some of the victims of illegal aliens to stress the need. He asked, “How much more American blood must we shed”?

He also made note of the fact that liberals and Hollywood blatherers all have walls and fences around their homes and businesses. They don’t build the walls because they hate people on the outside, but rather they love the people on the inside.


Nancy Pelosi, who thinks she is the President’s equal, and Chuck Schumer want all the power. They refuse to build any barriers and insist there is no crisis.

They said the President gave misinformation and his comments were filled with malice. That is exactly what they wrote in their joint statement Monday. They said this despite the fact that Border Patrol has said the same exact thing as the President[…]

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