Is it a sign of less character  to be vain? How about excessively vain?

Is it sign of low character to be arrogant? Or just excessive arrogant?

Is it a sign of low character to display condescension toward others? To look down one’s nose?

What if we don’t wear condescension on our sleeve, but only think it about another? Is that an act of less character in ourselves? Do we decide based on how they are dressed, where they are located, or wait til they speak?

Is it a sign of low character to brag? Even when the bragging is true, as it sometimes is?

When is bragging excessive, and when is it just socially acceptable self-promotion.

Is it a sign of bad manners to be blunt? Excessively blunt?

Are bad manners always a sign of less character, or, as Mark Twain once said of profanity, “sometimes provides a relief denied even unto prayer.”?

So, what about the use of foul language, then? Some words are gross and foul anywhere, others taboo everywhere. Blasphemies, no matter where uttered, carry their own set of penalties, (at least people of faith believe) but also carry their own largely private rules of repentance. No one else’s business.

What about locker room talk, whether recorded (probably evidentiary) or repeated (hearsay always) but only to prove another element of an offense, in this case, low character?

Is it an act of low character if I laugh at a dirty joke? Or merely stay in the room and listen?

What words are commonly used today, in conversation, blogging, and Twitter, that were once believed to be indicators of low character? Does their use today convey the same sentiment about character?

Make a list of words you believe to be exceedingly bad and which indicate low character, then compare with friends.

In measuring character. do you use a different measuring stick depending on the way a person is dressed? Or speaks, Ya’ll[…]

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