Update: Journalist Who Exposed Mueller Wiping Anti-Trump Texts Found Dead

Update: Journalist Who Exposed Mueller Wiping Anti-Trump Texts Found Dead

Bre Paxton

I was distracted like everyone else) during the Christmas holiday when news broke about the death of Bre Paxton but I do remember looking at her photo and thinking to myself that this young woman died before her time. Before you call me a conspiracy theorist, note: (a) I live in New York City where thousands of young people die long before their time’ and (b) the timing of Bre’s death, while it may or may not be is circumspect.

When one takes their eyes off the shiny objects, of which there are many these days, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Barnaby Jack and Seth Rich and the mystery surrounding their deaths are names that came to mind as I read the following post.

….Even Whitey Bulger whose name does not deserve to be mentioned in the same discussion as the others.

NWO Report

The journalist who exposed how Special Counsel Robert Mueller deleted anti-Trump text messages at the FBI has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. 

Bre Payton was a writer for independent news outlet The Federalist. She died just days after breaking the story about Mueller wiping messages between disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page.

Jack Burkman tweet re death of Bre Paxton Conservative Journalist

Collective-evolution.com reports: “From the moment we started talking I realized she was a potential star,” Ben Domenech, the publisher of The Federalist, said in an essay on Saturday. “She was raw, yes, but that could be honed. She was eager to learn, to write, and to go places—not because of ambition, but because she wanted to change the world.”

She seemed unafraid to take on things that mattered, including breaking the hard-hitting piece DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them on December 13th, where, unlike the mainstream media who later focused on the idea that there was ‘no evidence’ that these text messages were deliberately destroyed, Payton leaned towards the conclusion that there was criminal intent in these deletions, a notion supported by Donald Trump[…]

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Below is the link to Bre Paxton’s final article that may have very well unnerved the deep state.

God bless Ms. Paxton and all who knew and loved her.  RIP Bre Paxton.


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