Day 1: Progressives Pass ROW Bill to FUND Abortion & Foreign Nations, $0 for Border Wall

Day 1: Progressives Pass ROW Bill to FUND Abortion & Foreign Nations, $0 for Border Wall

Within hours of Nancy Pelosi receiving the gavel and taking per place as the Speaker of the House to the 116th Congress, House Progressives proposed and passed a spending bill that would redistribute $12 billion of America’s wealth to globalist nations, globalists pet projects and the UN along with other pieces of legislation. Consolidation Appropriations Act of 2019 H.R. 21 passed 241-190 under the guise of opening and keeping open “eight shuttered cabinet departments” through September (Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Justice, Interior, State, Transportation, Treasury, etc.)

Continuing Resolution bill, H.J. Res. 1, passed 239-192 under the guise of re-opening (funding) the Department of Homeland Security through February 8, 2019 for the purpose of allowing time for continued negotiations on the border wall.  If this bill were to pass in the Senate followed by President Donald J. Trump signing the bill, on February 8th there would be something else. Including the funding for Homeland Security in this bill is a stall tactic and diversion.

Aware but they could care less that the Trump has repeatedly stated his intent to veto any legislation that excludes funding for the border wall, Progressives pushed through legislation that includes funding to their Marxist donors and collaborates while excluding funding for U.S.-Mexico border wall in the house anyway. Again, the spending bills supposedly are about ending the government shutdown but in reality, Progressives are distorting the facts while being less than truthful as to their true intent to the public.

The White House Office of Management and Budget issued a blistering rebuke to the passage of H.R. 21 and H.J. Res. 1.

Breitbart News

The White House then highlighted the billions in funding the Democrats are offering for “unnecessary programs at excessive levels” beyond what the Trump administration requested, including:

  • $12 billion more for “international affairs programs,” including $2.9 billion more “for economic and development assistance, including funding for the West Bank/Gaza, Syria, and Pakistan, where our foreign aid is either frozen or under review.”
  • $700 million more than requested for the United Nations, including restored funding for the United Nation’s Population Fund, which would undermine the administration’s Mexico City Policy that bars the use of taxpayer dollars for foreign organizations that “promote or perform abortions.”
  • Approximately $2 billion more than requested for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • $7.1 billion more than the administration requested for Housing and Urban Development programs…

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Rescinding Trump policies  and Restoring Funding for the Progressive Agenda 

Breaking it down $12b to fund “international affairs programs” covers refugees to social justice on college campuses globally and funding nations and organizations that are anti-Israel and anti-USA.

Progressives voted to restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to subsidized those”foreign organizations that ‘promote or perform abortions.” would be the likes of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Besides, UNFPA stating on its website opposition to acts of oppression and violence iagainst women and girls, including female genital mutilation, teen pregnancy and child marriages which UN members openly support, the UNFPA supports:

  1. Reproductive health care for women and youth in more than 150 countries – which are home to more than 80 per cent of the world’s population
  2. The health of pregnant women, especially the 1 million who face life-threatening complications each month
  3. Reliable access to modern contraceptives sufficient to benefit 20 million women a year

Dog whistle for abortion aka population control but not to worry, America, Progressives are funding not to mention attempting to reverse President Trump’s achievements as confirmed by Life News

“Democrats want to restore the $100 million President Donald Trump took away from Planned Parenthood when he defunded its International arm during his first week in office. The Trump policy prohibits taxpayer funding to international groups that promote and/or provide abortions overseas….”

You can view the OMB’s letter below and here in pdf format.

Handful of House Republicans crossed party lines. 

Below are the names of  House Republicans who broke party lines and voted with Progressives on H.J. Res. 1 and H.R. 21.

  • Will Hurd, R-Texas
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa.
  • Elise Stefanik of New York’s 21st District
  • John Katko from New York’s 24th District

Republicans who voted on one or the other:

  • Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey
  • Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan’s 6th District
  • Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon’s 2nd District
  • Rep. Peter King of New York’s 2nd District

Two days ago, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell put Progressives on notice informing the left that he has no intention of introducing the their show-vote bills on the Senate floor without the President ‘s approval.  Thank goodness for a Republican Senate.

The usual RINOs are already weakening.  If the Republican Senate fails to stand by the President, Americans, the economy and jobs’ market will lose two years of gains.  Hopefully, they will stand strong and by the side of the President.


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