Lady Liberty 1885’s Most Viewed Stories of 2018

Lady Liberty 1885’s Most Viewed Stories of 2018

Freelance journo, A. P. Dillon of Lady Liberty 1885 published last evening a compilation of her most viewed stories for 2018 beginning with A.P.’s 2018 top tweet, Facebook page post and from there on. Plenty of good viewing and reading.  Enjoy.


2019 is almost here, time for a look back at LL1885’s top stories, tweets, and videos of 2018.

Top Post On The LL1885 Facebook Page

Unbelievable? No, predictable. This movement is huge and this is a real attempt to shut it down. #WalkAway

Hillary’s latest… Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t an abuse of power because ‘she was an adult’.

Top Video On The LL1885 Facebook Page

Hitler Finds Out Kavanaugh Was Confirmed
(The line about Alyssa Milano is worth watching it for.)

LL188’s Top Ten Most View Articles 

10. Roy Cooper to 55% of NC Voters: You’re too stupid to use ID to vote

Roy Cooper - Veto Stamp AL1Apparently, Governor Cooper believes his citizenry are too dumb or feeble to obtain one of the multiple forms of ID considered acceptable in SB 824.
Over 55% of North Carolinian voters approved a state constitutional amendment requiring voter ID at the polls.
The legislature then passed a bill detailing a long list of acceptable ID’s. Like clockwork, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the bill and his veto message was not only overly theatrical, but it also contained an insult to the intelligence of the voters in the state[…]

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