‘Let Them Come To Venezuela’ And See Socialism For Themselves

‘Let Them Come To Venezuela’ And See Socialism For Themselves

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The following article is a must read for millennials stricken with a false sense of entitlement who demand free stuff, line up behind despotic ideologues promising them free stuff and while at the same time calling for the destruction of capitalism.  They ignorantly support the illusion of what they imagine socialism/communism to be.

Because reality is anything but what it is imagined to be, it never ends well.  In fact, the realization is that people suffer, starve, are oppressed and die under Communism.

“There are some who say that Communism is the wave of the future.  Let them come to Berlin.” — President John F. Kennedy, Berlin, Germany, June 26, 1963

Investor’s Business Daily by Andres Malave

That was June 1963 in West Berlin where President John F. Kennedy gave one of his most memorable addresses. The speech was a stirring defense of liberty and a pointed critique of communism.

Whether you agree with Kennedy broadly or narrowly, I’ve rediscovered that speech and find it to relate now more than ever to the unfolding drama in the country of my birth, Venezuela. My family and I left Venezuela when I was 10. We had every intention of returning. Then Hugo Chavez took power, promising to usher in shared prosperity for all with his “21st century socialism.” We never went back.

Kennedy’s words should be a wake-up call to my fellow Americans, and especially to his fellow Democrats, as I see more millennials rejecting capitalism and embracing socialism as “the wave of the future.”  So, when Teen Vogue tweeted recently, “Can’t #endpoverty without ending capitalism!” my initial reaction was, “Let them come to Venezuela”[…]

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