Gov. Cooper Calls Over 100k Students And Their Families Racists

Gov. Cooper Calls Over 100k Students And Their Families Racists

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Lady Liberty 1885 by A. P. Dillon

With his latest veto (which is veto number 28, by the way) it is time for our periodic reminder that NC’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper hates school choice – and by school choice, I do mean all school choice:

Bob Luebke over at Civitas explains in more detail how Roy Cooper has just called the over 100,000+ charter school students in the state a bunch of racists:

On Friday, December 21st Gov. Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 469, a technical corrections bill which among other things, would have made municipal charter school employees eligible for state benefits.

In his veto statement Cooper said, “municipal charter schools set a dangerous precedent that could lead to taxpayer funded re-segregation. “

For years Gov. Cooper has been telling us how important education is and how we need to give our students the best possible education.

Gov. Cooper’s veto will make it more difficult for four municipalities in the Charlotte area to staff municipally-authorized charter schools.

Cooper said the bill would lead to “taxpayer funded re-segregation”[…]

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ICYMI from Lady Liberty 1885:



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