Black Fla. lawmaker proposes bill protecting Confederate statues

Black Fla. lawmaker proposes bill protecting Confederate statues

Fla. Rep. Mike Hill (R)

I imagine Florida Progressives blowing a gasket over Florida Republican state Rep. Mike Hill’s (above) refusal to tow the outlandish line that Confederate monuments, which  are a part of American history, like it or not, should be desecrated and removed from sight.

Hill is on the right side of history.  Removal of these monuments will change nothing.  It will not erase history. Besides, one of the points of historical monuments is remembrance and while some historical references are painful for some, their existence should serve to prevent history from repeating itself.

The legislation proposed would prohibit “the removal of “‘membrances’ constructed on public property from Mar. 22, 1822 and onward” prevails.  The Soldiers’ and Heroes’ Monuments and Memorials Protection Act would also criminalize the desecration of these historical piece on college campuses.

Campus Reform by Rob Shimshock

…Such memorials “may only be relocated, removed, altered, renamed, rededicated or otherwise disturbed if necessary to accommodate construction, repair, or improvements to the remembrance or to the surrounding property,” according to the bill. While governments have bypassed similar laws by selling land on which Confederate memorials are located and permitting the new owner to remove them, Hill’s bill stipulates that sale of public property containing a memorial must result in the memorial occupying a position of “equal prominence.”

The move came just months after Florida State University quietly removed a statue of former Tallahassee Mayor Francis Eppes, a supporter of the Confederacy, under the cover of darkness. FSU spokesman Dennis Schnittker told the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper that the statue had been relocated to temporary storage.

Should the bill become state law, it’s unclear what, if any, impact it could have on the Eppes statue. Hill did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication. It’s unclear how many confederate statues and memorials currently stand on Florida public college campuses[…]

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