Grooming America For Pedophilia – @GMA Edition

Grooming America For Pedophilia – @GMA Edition

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I’ve written quite extensively on the grooming that is going on from Mass Media Until we make a stand and shut them down both legally and with pitchforks it will not stop.

You see, until this past week, these comedians were grooming, it is apparent in the way they did it for so long and always under the auspices of “jokes.” We’ve all commented on the terrible lives of children in Hollywood as they grow up drug addicted and destroyed. Corey Feldman tried to tell us many times of the debauchery of the children in Hollywood, and every time he was silenced.

Feldman explained that Alphy Hoffman was the son of Bobby Hoffman, a major casting director at the time, who died in 1993.

“When you got an invite to go to Bobby Hoffman’s private party — this was a very big thing. And the fact that his son was coming to pick me up himself, was also a very big thing, and my mom ushered me into the car and said ‘go have fun’.”

Feldman said the parties took a dark turn – but not at first.

“You know, the first few times I went it was fairly innocent,” he explained. “Those parties were relatively kid friendly but interestingly that’s where I met the guy that ended up molesting Haim… There was a bunch of these guys, they were all hanging out together at these parties, and the thing is there weren’t a lot of parents at these parties.”

I also addressed the Feldman story back in 2011[…]

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