Germany Plans to Re-Educate Kids in Traditional Families

Germany Plans to Re-Educate Kids in Traditional Families

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This story sounds like something out of the old Nazi or Communist Germany, but what I am about to tell you is present day.

The Orwellian German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs backs a brochure that aims at changing the behavior of preschool-aged children who are raised by  “right-wing” parents who oppose “gender” theory, “sexual diversity,” the “sexualization” of children, and “immigration.”

Germans were always so good at science, perhaps that will go the way of the lederhosen.

Many Germans are opposed and understand the state should not intrude in this way. Many recognize the Nazi and Communist ideologies from their past in this brochure.

The German government has 4,600 euros for the project.

The brochure was published last month by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Dr. Franziska Giffey, the social-democratic German Federal Minister for Family Affairs, contributed a foreword to the 60-page document his office funded.

The goal is for the state to redo the education traditional parents are giving their children. That way, the children accept the LGBTQA and mass migration goals. It makes them “immune to group-related misanthropy and violence.” All that they say is “motivated by religious or political goals,” she writes.

Dr. Giffey writes that “our society has become increasingly polarized” over the last few years, and while there has been “much support for refugees,” there can also be seen “a significant increase of right-wing populist movements.” She appears to be indirectly referring here to the 2015 mass immigration of one million refugees, most who come from the Middle East and Romania[…]

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