Christmas Presents For The Voters Who Put Donald J Trump In Office

Christmas Presents For The Voters Who Put Donald J Trump In Office

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What a wonderful past week we’ve been lucky to have. President Trump gave us three gifts this week.

1) Leaving Syria and drawing down in Afghanistan – we won the war, but we’ve had a stalemate in the nation rebuilding. I love General Mattis, however, he is a war machine guy, and why shouldn’t he be, he is very good at it. For as long as anyone can remember, we’ve known Trump to be a non-interventionalist. As president, he gave General Mattis time to do what he felt he needed to be done, and then it was time to move on. I thank General Mattis for his service to this great nation.

President Trump wants U.S. troops brought home from all the “stupid wars”; and as a consequence the time for Defense Secretary Mattis was sure to come to an end.

The Trump Doctrine of using economics to achieve national security objectives is a fundamental paradigm shift, history provides no reference.

Just like the demanded restructuring of NATO, removing troops from Syria and likely Afghanistan will run counter to the interventionist policies of those who advocate for military deployments; and also the benefactors on the business end of the military industrial complex.

Yes, it’s time for a shift.

2) The President was able to get the House to vote for wall funding, and had no problem shutting down the gluttonous government when the Senate refused to vote for its passage. Trump doesn’t play chicken, he makes deals and this shutdown will be long for the Democrats, GOP Inc and federal employees[…]

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