My Christmas Story

My Christmas Story

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Editor’s Note:  I thought that it would be a great time to re-visit a few of our older blog posts beginning with our friend, Mike of Moos Room published on December 22, 2012.  Enjoy.


Moos Room

Everyone has a special Christmas Story, or Christmas tradition that they want to hand down to their kids.

This is mine.

I am 9 years-old. My Mom brings me to the local 5 and 10 (WAY before WalMart) to pick up a few late-minute Christmas items for the family. I am in the store fewer than two minutes when I see it.   It is red.   It is shiny.   It is meant to be mine.   It is meant to be under our tree – with MY name on it.

It is, of course, the Uncle Sam’s Cash Register Bank.

(The ‘poke your eye out when you fall on it sharp metal nub’ on my version was replaced by the impressive ‘too wide’ red ‘puller-thing’ shown here…)

It SINGS to me. It calls to me from across the store. I alone must possess it…

There are still a couple of weeks before Christmas, right? And ONLY $7.99?!?! How can my Mom turn me down? I’ve mentioned before that I have been in Sales for most of my adult life. What I haven’t mentioned is that most people who are in Sales in their adult life, started out much earlier in their life, being, ‘In Sales’. 

Here’s the dialogue, as best as I remember it, at least…

Me, “Mom, do you see IT?!”

Mom, “I’m sorry, do I see WHAT?”

Me, “The THING, the THING over THERE…! Can’t you see IT?”, I say pointing to the shelf that holds my hope for ‘Christmas yet to come’.

Mom, “Oh, well, it isn’t on your list for Santa, now is it?”

My hopes fall but I quickly recover and press the point further, “But Mom, how could I know?”

Mom, “Know what?”

Me, “That something this WONDERFUL; besides you (Mom), of course… Ever existed? I’ve never seen anything like it in all of my life. It’s, it’s… beautiful…” My voice trailed off as my eyes welled with tears all the while staring un-blinkingly at the object of desire.

Mom, “But you know, I think that Santa has already gotten your gifts all ready to go on his sleigh. It’s too late to let him know about this now…” 

Me, “But Mom, it’s the ONE thing I truly want… AND, it will teach me how to be responsible with money.  You always say that I need to understand money better, right? It will TEACH me financial responsibility. Look, it even has a display that will tell me how much money I save; and saving money is really important! Right?”


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Website:  Mike's MoosRoom. Social media: Google+: Mike Kane Facebook: @moosroomblog Twitter: @dailymoos   **************************************************************   My name is Mike Kane. I've been writing stories for years. Most are a release valve from the weirdness of everyday life. Some of these will find their way here, others will fade off into the ether. A select few will be sent via e-mail directly to friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers (you have been warned (assuming that you are 'completely strange')). I've been in Sales all of my adult life. Sometimes sales are good, sometimes sales are bad, but in reality, 'life' is always good (regardless of sales). Well, 'LIFE' is a lot better than the alternative, at least. p.s.: No cows were injured in the generation of this blog. However, a trace amount of methane was released moments ago... For this, if nothing else, I am sorry.

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