Italy Grows a Pair – tells U.N. Migrant Compact to take a hike

Italy Grows a Pair – tells U.N. Migrant Compact to take a hike

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Just In:  Italy Grows a Pair

(Rejects Global Fascism re: Immigration Policy)

The United Nations Global Compact for Migration met at a conference in Marrakech, Morocco to adopt the agreement that intends to establish global migration as a human right.  That’s not all: it also aimed to make any criticism of migration a criminal violation through a so-called hate crimes legislation.  In selling this bill of goods, the United Nations claims the following:

“Today, there are over 250 million migrants around the world living outside their country of birth.  This figure is expected to grow for a number of reasons, including population growth, increasing connectivity, trade, rising inequality, demographic imbalances, and climate change.  Migration provides immense opportunity and benefits—for the migrants, host communities, and communities of origin.  However, when poorly regulated it can create significant challenges.  These challenges include overwhelming social infrastructures with the unexpected arrival of large numbers of people and the deaths of migrants undertaking dangerous journeys.”

I think the UN is right about the challenges, but remains undeterred as it relates to the struggling receiving communities. There are all sorts of counter-arguments to this foolishness, including the fact that if people are allowed to pick up and move away from their third or fourth-world cesspool country, then there will never be an impetus within that country to change direction that might benefit all of its citizens. Suppose British colonists in North America, fed up with tyranny, simply moved away to Mexico —would there ever have been an American Revolution? How would this have impacted our country today?  Since we’re talking about Mexico, this is precisely why we Americans have so many illegal immigrants from that cesspool.



In any case, Italy isn’t having any of this.  In direct opposition to the global fascists in the United Nations (why are they headquartered in New York, again?), the Italian legislation has just passed a law that pushes back against the compact.  Here’s what they’ve done:

1.Italy will only grant asylum to legitimate refugees of war, or victims of political persecution. If individuals who have been granted asylum break the law, which is to say convicted of crimes involving threats of violence to public officials, physical assault, female genital mutilation, or theft, they will be deported.

2.Italy has approved tough new immigration and security laws that will make it easier to deport criminal migrants, including the stripping them of Italian citizenship. The vote in the lower house was 396 to 99. The new law was promulgated on 3 December 2018[…]

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