Coup Congressman Wants to Be Able to Imprison Trump While In Office

Coup Congressman Wants to Be Able to Imprison Trump While In Office

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Democrats want to overturn the election and put the President in prison. The special counsel appears to be on board as he creates a crime with which to charge the President. The so-called offense is an unimportant campaign finance violation woven by Robert Mueller out of whole cloth.

Currently, Justice Department guidelines do not allow a sitting president to be indicted for petty crimes. But little Adam Schifty wants that reviewed. He wants the President imprisoned while in office.

He’s planned these types of assaults on the opposition for years.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday called for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to “re-examine” whether it can indict a sitting president.

Schiff, the likely incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he believes that Department’s position should be looked at again if there’s a chance it would allow someone to escape Justice[…]

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