“We have a crisis”🚨 Dems’ 2020 data disaster

“We have a crisis”🚨 Dems’ 2020 data disaster

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I just ran across the following article over at GOP.com.  It appears that the DNC and its mongrels are fighting over the data of their constituents. 

Judging from the email I’m still receiving to an old email box that I never use, the left from what I gather has not updated their database in more than a decade.  Having departed the Democratic plantation 12 plus years ago, every now and then I receive a flurry of fundraising emails from Marxist bureaucrats, the majority of whom I have never heard of (and yes, I have unsubscribed on numerous occasions but the Marxist continue to troll.)

Of course, if Progressives were not so busy committing voter and election fraud, they just might find the time to clean up their database and the system itself.  Then again, Tom Perez like his predecessors thrive on chaos. 

In the meantime, Progressives fight for the keys to the voter data banks.  Perez wants all of the voter data pooled en masse into one huge database but Progressive leadership and execs on the state level of various Progressives organizations recognizes the proposal as one massive power grab, as the DNC has been known to pull and are having none of it.


Under DNC Chair Tom Perez, Democrats have made absolutely no progress on revamping their data, which Hillary blasted as “mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong.” Instead, all he’s managed to do is trigger a “fierce backlash” among state parties, which went on the record to slam Perez.

The Bottom Line: The RNC’s data operation took years and over $200 million to build. It’s flattering that the Democrats are trying to replicate it now, but building a data infrastructure on this scale takes time and resources that the DNC simply doesn’t have.

‘We have a crisis’: Democrats at war over voter data trove
Alex Thompson
December 6, 2018 – 5:09 AM

A plan pushed by the Democratic National Committee has triggered a fierce backlash within the party, which is already lagging behind Donald Trump.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Democrats are at war over the party’s most precious commodity — voter data — and it’s threatening their chances of beating President Donald Trump in 2020.

The fight involves a trove of Democratic voter information splintered among state parties, outside groups and the Democratic National Committee. The DNC wants to pool all of it into one massive database that could be leveraged to the benefit of the party’s eventual presidential nominee. But state parties are accusing the national party of mounting a power grab that could enrich a handful of elite party figures.

“We have a crisis,” said Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2016. “Republicans are going to have a major strategic advantage over us in 2020 if we don’t fix it”[…]

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Hillary, long-term Dems & comrades have set their sights on voter data.

Indeed and just how far are they willing to go get it?

While it’s official, Progressives have gone over the cliff, the DNC continues to ignore the fact that in 2016, they squandered away every ounce of credibility with the shenanigans pulled by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile.

That being said, Progressive bureaucrats from the top down still have that “stupid American voter” mentality thing going on.  As it appears that Tom Perez is leading the attempted power grab, it is more than likely that he’s doing the bidding of the DNC establishment plotting to secure the keys to the voter data banks and to oversee everything for the benefit of their global benefactors.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.  Just ask Nancy Pelosi, Progressives will play the victim card to get that data.

As for the GOP

Now that Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and several other NeverTrumpers will soon be gone, let us hope that under President Donald J. Trump, the GOP takes advantage of a good crisis but first they’d better damned well clean up their system.

We cannot afford to underestimate the left.


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