UNC and ‘Silent Sam’

UNC and ‘Silent Sam’

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At the entrance to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stood the statue of a confederate soldier. The statue has been dubbed “Silent Sam.”

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BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! by Mustang

There are three fields of study that deal with the past.  Anthropology is the study of human behavior within societies, past and present; an off-shoot of this is archeology, which evaluates human activity through the recovery and analysis of archeological records, such as artifacts, architecture, and cultural landscapes.  In these areas, scientists attempt to learn about periods of human development before history, some of these dating back more than 3-million years.  History is the accumulation of knowledge through investigation of past written records.  The value of history, or so it is argued, is that by investigating the causes and effects in the past, we may avoid similar mistakes in the present and future.

At the entrance to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stood the statue of a confederate soldier.  The statue has been dubbed “Silent Sam.”  It was erected in 1913 to memorialize the students who attended UNC at the outbreak of the American Civil War, who left school to serve their state by joining Confederate military or naval forces.

This is not how modern UNC students view Silent Sam, however.  They viewed the statue as a symbol of white racism.  How they came to this conclusion can only be explained by the fact that America’s public schools deny their students a proper or adequate education in history.  And, judging from these student’s behavior on campus, their destruction of the statue Silent Sam, a state-owned property, we might also conclude that they have also been denied an adequate education in American Civics[…]

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