Miss Universe favored to win is a man

Miss Universe favored to win is a man

Angela Ponce (screenshot)

This year’s Miss Universe pageant will be aired on December 16th and the person favored to win is not a woman but a modeled who transgendered a few years back by the name of, Angela Ponce Comacho.

If all of this transgender crap is making your head explode, brace yourself.

Ponce won the Miss Universe Spain contest last June and as Progressives do is making this all about Trump.  That’s their way of tipping the scales (no pun intended) and bullying the judges into making the desired call to bring about the politically correct outcome.

Of all the countries in which to hold the pageant, this year’s Miss Universe pageant will be held, as mentioned below in the nation of ladyboys (Thailand).

Moonbattery by Dave Blount

At this point, the smart money is on moonbattery going from bad to worse. A fellow calling himself Angela Ponce has been crowned Miss Universe Spain. Gamblers are betting that he goes on to win the 2018 Miss Universe pageant, which fittingly will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, home of the ladyboy:

As the competition nears, online bookies are taking action, and Ponce has grown to become the clear favorite with current odds of +600.

Feminists are unlikely to complain about men horning in on the Miss Universe competition. Camille Paglia is one of the very few feminists willing to question the bizarre and horrifyingly ambitious transsexual agenda:

That sort of countermoonbattery explains why the other feminists call her an “anti-feminist feminist.”

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Lyle.


Camille Paglia nails it.  Progressive women, where are you?  Feminists! Me Too, I can’t hear you?  Are you going to take this annihilation of  the sisterhood? Hey, I’m talking to you! Cowards!

H/t BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

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