Since 2015, Baby Names “Melania” Soars 227% and “Ivanka” 362%.

Since 2015, Baby Names “Melania” Soars 227% and “Ivanka” 362%.

Anything to inflame mindless liberals who will no doubt be triggered by the news that the names “Melania” and “Ivanka” spiked among parents looking to name their newborns since 2015.


Yessssssss, REALLY.  Honestly speaking, the names “Melania” and “Ivanka” are beautiful names as are the namesake after whom most parents got the idea to name their babies.

See credits below*

Washington Examiner by Paul Bedard

The Trump women are popular in hospital nurseries with new parents looking to name the babies.

A new survey of Social Security Administration data shows that “Melania,” like first lady Melania Trump, and “Ivanka,” like first daughter Ivanka Trump, are a roaring pick of parents.

An AreaVibes review of names picked around the nation shows that the popularity of “Melania” has surged 227 percent and for “Ivanka,” it’s up even more, 362 percent.

Source: Area Vibes

And for the guys, first son Barron is the winner, with the use of his name jumping 90 percent from 2015.

But it ends there. “Donald” is down 11 percent since 2015 and “Eric” has dropped 6 percent[…]

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As for the names “Donald” and “Eric,” I doubt very much that the drop in baby name selection has anything to do with the Trumps and more to do with a society’s war on men possibility prompting the desire for more gender-neutral names?

Such a nauseating thought.  Besides, who cares but in the event you do, allow me to give a hearty hat tip to Area Vibes who did the legwork and then some.  For more information and birth statistics, pay Area Vibes a visit .

Finally, if you have family members, friends, associates at your place of work looking for baby names, send them over.


*Credits:   Cropped image of First Lady Melania Trump at the United Nations General Assembly Source: White House (Flickr) (public domain); Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump Visits NASA’s Johnson Space Center Source: NASA Johnson (Flickr)(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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