WaPo’s Hero! Khashoggi Was Trying to Overthrow the Saudi Government

WaPo’s Hero! Khashoggi Was Trying to Overthrow the Saudi Government

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Jamal Khashoggi, who was recently murdered in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, was trying to overthrow the Saudi government. That information comes from an unlikely source — CNN.

Khashoggi plotted online for a year via WhatsApp with a conspirator who was eventually hacked by the Saudis. In other words, the Saudis knew what they were up to.


More than 400 texts were exchanged in which Saudi citizen Khashoggi attempted to put his plan into action with an activist plotter.

In Khashoggi’s many missives to Montreal-based activist Omar Abdulaziz, which included videos, voice mail, and photos, Khashoggi, a Muslim Brotherhood proponent, describes bin Salman — often referred to as MBS — as a “beast,” a “pac-man” who would devour all in his path, even his supporters.

They went from talk to action. Khashoggi believed “the kid” had to be stopped. When they found out Abdulaziz’s phone was hacked, Khashoggi wrote, “God help us”.

Two months later, he was assassinated and Abdulaziz said his hacked phone played a major part in his death. The guilt is killing him he told CNN.

CNN writes:

In almost daily exchanges between October 2017 and August 2018, Khashoggi and Abdulaziz conceived plans to form an electronic army to engage young Saudis back home and debunk state propaganda on social media, leveraging Khashoggi’s establishment profile and the 27-year-old Abdulaziz’s 340,000-strong Twitter following[…]

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