Top Dem Lawmaker: Democrats Will Not Pass USMCA Trade Agreement

Top Dem Lawmaker: Democrats Will Not Pass USMCA Trade Agreement

It didn’t take a crystal ball to figure out the intentions of the Democrats who soon will control the House. Always interesting for them now that they are showing their hand and how wise they are.. Mind you, not one former President in decades has attempted to right the ship regarding our trade relations.

But now, these House members, many of whom we have never heard of before, will make sure the brakes are applied to our economy. I am sure our new  “Valley Girl” Cortez will be right on board with this concept.

Otherwise filibustering Maria, he is clueless. But then, Trump does have his magic wand!

Rep. Matt Cartwright, the newly elected co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Cartwright told Maria Bartiromo Democrats will not sign President Trump’s USMCA trade agreement to replace the ruinous Nafta trade agreement.

Maria Bartiromo: Just to close the loop on the USMCA, am I right to assume you will not vote for this deal as it is written right now?

Rep. Cartwright (D-PA): No, unless it is made clear somehow that this is only a temporary position, that we are going to move on to broadening its effect to the entire manufacturing sector in this country[…]

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