Pence leads the way in Me Too era

Pence leads the way in Me Too era

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All actions bear consequences. While it may not politically correct to say so, it remains so, all actions bear consequences whether intentional or unintentional.

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Actually, it is the Me Too Error for the phrase invites false claims of sexual harassment as women say “me too” to fit in with the in group.

To protect himself from any appearance of impropriety, Billy Graham avoided the temptations of women as well as money. Vice President Mike Pence adopted this and never dines alone with any woman other than his wife, Karen.

Now Wall Street is adopting that rule because men must protect themselves from false accusations.

The press was livid when the Washington Post revealed Pence’s adoption of the Billy Graham Rule.

Unable to argue against his personal choice, the press lied about the rule.

The Atlantic posted a column, “How Mike Pence’s Refusing to Eat With Women Hurts Women”[…]

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