Stone Age Tribe wants to maintain culture – does that make them racist?

Stone Age Tribe wants to maintain culture – does that make them racist?

It’s amazing that the so-called Neolithic tribe that has not dealt with modern civilization are protected against outsiders in order to maintain their culture. By now, most have heard about the man who attempted to contact them and was killed.

Am I the only one that finds this exceedingly rich. How about our culture? What if we find it desirable and in our best interest to maintain our culture? Apparently a tribe out of the stone age has more rights than we as U.S. citizens. Are they racist for wanting to protect themselves and way of life?

“I for one will not be condemning the Sentinelese as racist for keeping their borders closed, nor will I condemn them for their lack of diversity,”

Well said! Australian says they have a right to protect their culture!

An Australian politician known for her staunch anti-immigration policy has praised a remote Indian island tribe for defending their way of life after reportedly killing an American missionary with bows and arrows earlier this month[…]

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