Dems Have a Plot to Take Free Speech Away from Corporations & Corner GOP

Dems Have a Plot to Take Free Speech Away from Corporations & Corner GOP

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Far-far-left Vox reported on the latest from the House Dems who are plotting against Republicans before they even take over. They won’t do anything good for the United States. Their goal is to make the GOP look bad and a new bill they are planning is a good example of how they plan to do that.

They will make anti-corruption a first priority and according to polls, Americans want to get the money out of politics.

It’s ironic that they will be the ones to pretend concern about that. It was their donors who poured staggering amounts of money into buying elections but they want to reverse Citizens United which is a free speech case.

The alleged scandals haunting Trump will push Republicans into supporting campaign finance reform prior to 2020.

The issue is being spearheaded by Rep. John Sarbanes (MD), a longtime advocate of campaign finance reform who has long disavowed corporate PAC money. Sarbanes and other House Democrats have been working with progressive heavy hitters in the Senate including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA), whose own wide-ranging anti-corruption Senate bill was recently introduced in the house by Sarbanes and progressive Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA), according to Vox[…]

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