Corsi Accuses Robert Mueller of Withholding Exculpatory Evidence

Corsi Accuses Robert Mueller of Withholding Exculpatory Evidence

Source: A. F. Branco

Jerome Corsi spoke to The Daily News Foundation and accused Robert Mueller’s team of withholding exculpatory evidence from the grand jury when they indicted him.

Actually, if true, that’s ruthless but legal. Grand juries are wholly unAmerican in that the only ones they hear from are the prosecutors and the only evidence they get is what prosecutors give them. That’s why you can indict a ham sandwich.

Still, Chuck Ross at Daily Caller writes that the DOJ does have a policy that “when a prosecutor conducting a grand jury inquiry is personally aware of substantial evidence that directly negates the guilt of a subject of the investigation, the prosecutor must present or otherwise disclose such evidence to the grand jury before seeking an indictment against such a person.”

“While a failure to follow the Department’s policy should not result in dismissal of an indictment, appellate courts may refer violations of the policy to the Office of Professional Responsibility for review.”


The alleged exculpatory evidence comes in the form of tweets.

Mueller suspects Corsi and his friend Roger Stone are backchannels to the allegedly Russia-tied hacker/leaker Julian Assange. Mueller presented tweets between Corsi and Trump ally Roger Stone to the grand jury that raise suspicions. However there were other tweets in their possession they ignored. Corsi says they are exculpatory[…]

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