First They Came for Confederate Generals, Then for Black Conservative

First They Came for Confederate Generals, Then for Black Conservative

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Comment by Jim Campbell

November 28, 2018

Here we go again, racism once again rears its ugly head.

Yep, we must to our best to bring the country together, but it will not happen by increasing Obama’s racial divide.

The findings in this article clearly demonstrate that those mentioned are racists, bigots or both.

I’ve had it with  people and there is no question about it they come in all colors and creeds.

Quick get out your race card it’s now to late to play.


Clearly the CBS Reporter doesn’t get it, here question was clearly racist, did the reader notice how quickly she changed the subject?

Sultan Knish

Daniel Greenfield

November 28th, 2018

The Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine near the Detroit Medical Center has an ambitious program of preparing it’s mostly African-American students for careers in medicine.

Benjamin Carson High School of Science & Medicine Facebook Page

Students from Ben Carson High recently toured a hospital and experienced what it’s like to be doctors.

The school’s name, in its own words, honors “Dr. Benjamin Carson whose journey from impoverished, inner-city Detroit youth to acclaimed neurosurgeon is remarkable and is a constant reminder to Benjamin Carson students that their career dreams are achievable”[…]

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