Did Privileged White Woman Pelosi “Knee-cap” Her Black Rival?

Did Privileged White Woman Pelosi “Knee-cap” Her Black Rival?

Independent Sentinel by James Soviero

For a brief period of time Minority Leader Pelosi’s ascension to Speaker of the House looked to be challenged by former Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Marcia Fudge.  Given the Democrat’s endless, very public reliance on identity politics, one might have assumed that Nancy’s great wealth and whiteness might work against her; when matched against an African-American lady who’d worked her way from Cleveland Ohio, to Washington D.C. 

But, hey, as we’ve all come to learn, those standards of “fairness” only apply to “racist” Republicans. 

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the most privileged white women in our great nation.  She was born into a political family, with both her father and brother having served terms as the Mayor of Baltimore.  

Nancy married and moved to San Francisco where she befriended powerful Democrat Congressman Phillip Burton.  Not long after his passing she was handpicked to be his successor and won the June 1987 special election.  Nan continues to be re-elected in districts so absent Republican opposition, she hasn’t had to debate a challenger in over 30 years.

Pelosi is one of the richest members in Congress.  The Center for Responsive Politics estimated her 2014 net worth to be $101,273,023.  She and her hubby, Paul live in Pacific Heights, one of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S, and own a Napa Valley Vineyard, along with multiple commercial properties in “The City by the Bay”[…]

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