More socialist rubbish found in Obamacare

More socialist rubbish found in Obamacare

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“We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” –Nancy Pelosi, 2010 On Obamacare.

Infamous words spoken by then Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the about-to-be-passed-Obamacare travesty. And for those who have forgotten (I doubt not many) here she is:

The last couple of days found me flumoxxed by a letter I received from Social Security. The boyfriend got the same letter. I’m two months new to Medicare and opted for the three parts: hospital which is A, doctor which is B, and part D which is drugs but I opted for this coverage NOT through Medicare; but a third party Medicare-approved insurer. So did he.

I was pretty much expecting what half of the letter said, but not the second half. The basic premium for Medicare part B is set, except for those whose income passes a set threshold; then the premium goes up by a tier system. My income was a tad more than the first threshold last year (thank you very much, President Trump) so Medicare was increasing my premium for part B. The same for the boyfriend[…]

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