Your Future President Avenatti Answers Allegations He Beat His Girlfriend

Your Future President Avenatti Answers Allegations He Beat His Girlfriend

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As we reported yesterday, Estonian actress Mareli Miniuitti filed a felony domestic abuse complaint against “creepy porn” lawyer Michael Avenatti. It became public on Tuesday.

To make a long story short, according to her complaint and request for an order of protection, he hit her aggressively with pillows, dragged her through the apartment and into the hallway, then dragged her back into the apartment. He is also alleged to have called her an “Ungrateful F**ing Btch”. She said he had physically abused her once before, in February.

She presented photos of her purported injuries. Here’s one.


Avenatti said TMZ’s reporting was completely false and he’s asking for all footage from police and from cameras on the building. If he doesn’t get the footage, he wil sue.

We must interject here. Completely false would be him NOT physically abusing his girlfriend, but she claims he did and we always have to believe the woman as that sage Hillary once said.

Avenatti tweeted that Harvey Levin and  should be ashamed of themselves. Their “journalism” is nothing of the sort. And other media outlets that reported this info should also be ashamed. TMZ’s story was a hit piece filled with bogus “facts” meant to assist Harvey’s beloved Trump[…]

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