If a Teacher Doesn’t Praise All Students, Is it an Example of Bullying?

If a Teacher Doesn’t Praise All Students, Is it an Example of Bullying?

And Should this Action Lead to an Edict that the Teacher “Leave the Building and Never Come Back”?

A Facebook posting of a substitute teacher’s remarks at a Parkway School District School Board meeting on November 14, 2018 has garnered quite a bit of attention.  Listen to his remarks above.  From the Facebook posting by Sue Weaver (a resident of the district):

I know very few people attend the school board meetings- but here is a glimpse of what is really going on in our district.This beloved substitute was told never to return because he commended kids for standing for the pledge and a student complained.

The entire link of the meeting can be found here.  (Mr. Furkin’s remarks begin around 32:45).

Question: Should he have his employment ended because of his actions?  Is singling out students and praising them because of their participating in the pledge of allegiance an example of bullying those who did not stand?  Should the alleged complaint from one student mean that this beloved teacher not return to the Parkway District as a teacher at Parkway South?

Comments from the Facebook thread from some students:

As a current student of Parkway South, I know firsthand that Mr Furkin is a favorite among all students and teachers as well. The commitment and passion he has shown towards creating meaningful personal relationships with each student and teacher is something important to the Parkway South community. For the school board to give no thought to this and demand Mr Furkin to leave without further explanation is absurd. Of course all students have rights to publicize their beliefs in school, but Mr Furkin did not enforce any beliefs upon students and shoudnt be reprimanded for that. I’m sure the feeling is mutual among Parkway south students and staff[…]

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