History Majors at Universities may soon go the way of the Dinosaur

History Majors at Universities may soon go the way of the Dinosaur

Title: "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry delivering his great speech on the rights of the colonies, before the Virginia Assembly, convened at Richmond, March 23rd 1775, concluding with the above sentiment, which became the war cry of the revolution. Creator(s): Currier & Ives., Date Created/Published: New York : Published by Currier & Ives, c1876. Source Library of Congress Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-pga-08961 (digital file from original item) LC-USZC2-2452 (color film copy slide) LC-USZ62-11 (b&w film copy negative)
Source: Library of Congress

Apparently the need not to have anyone around that has knowledge of the past is coming to fruition. No need of history majors, no need to teach history, one is doomed to repeat it apparently.How many colleges even require a history course as party of the curriculum? I for one always found history fascinating. I guess my age is showing.

The University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point could soon drop several majors, including history, because of students’ lack of interest, according to a cost-benefit analysis recently proposed by UW-SP Chancellor Bernie Patterson.

The chancellor proposed that the university “must become a new kind of regional university” by adapting its current programming to better suit the surrounding community and the educational demand of incoming students.

“The overall cost to educate for the History major is not high compared to other professional majors. However the small enrollments in upper-level courses make the program unsustainable”[…]

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