Flashback: Obama held dozens of meetings on Food Stamps with Mexico!

Flashback: Obama held dozens of meetings on Food Stamps with Mexico!

Time for a Saturday Flashback! Why the Caravan now?

Now with the onslaught of the so-called “caravan” reaching our borders, am I the only one wondering how it came to this? It sure would have to a be some big pot of gold for me to want to head on down the highway filled with my future so uncertain.

But for these folks, was it so uncertain in their minds? Or have they been indoctrinated for many years about all the goodies waiting here at the end of the rainbow. For Saturday’s flashback, I chose one from October 2012 and added a couple of other links to some of my old posts from Obama’s heyday of operations:

Obama minions held dozens of meetings on food stamps with Mexico

Food Stamp Awareness!

What happened to the requirement that those who entered our country had to be self-supporting? For those waiting years to enter our country legally, documentation is required. One can only wonder about the intent of this, other than to secure the support of Obama.

This really is cynical and any hard-working Mexican who wants to live the American dream, I would think it would be offensive. But then what do I know. Thanks to a blogger we have the story. Here we go:

The Obama administration met with Mexican officials and held other events to discuss enrollment in food stamps and similar programs roughly 30 times since President Obama took office, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack revealed in a recent letter to Congress[…]

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